iSpoofer | Spoof Location on iphone with iSpoofer Pokemon Go

iSpoofer is a famous third-party tool that aids users globally to spoof Locations on Pokémon GO. With the activation key and paid version of the app, players can gather as many pokemon as possible without actually being in those areas. But After they published their new policy regarding ispoofer pokemon go, You are not secure from spoofing your Location with the app. What can we do in that situation? Read the article thoroughly to know your answer.

What is iSpoofer?

iSpoofer third-party application that allows you to change the Location on GPS-limited apps and games like Pokemon Go. The main intention of the application was to enable users to play through shortcuts and get forward in no time.

How to use the iSpoofer

Although iSpoofer Pokemon Go is no longer available, which is sad. There are many replacements for this app; we have also checked it for you. We will guide you on how to use the ispoofer for pokemon go for those users who still want to know. The steps are mentioned below:

  1. Keep in mind that your computer has installed the latest version of iTunes, or you can’t be able to spoof your Location successfully.
  2. Download and install the iSpoofer pokemon Go iOS application. Afterwards, hookup your iPhone to the PC.
  3. The app will let you manage your pin to your preferred Location. To change the Location on your iPhone, Tap on Move.
  4. At last, detach your phone from the PC, and Pokemon GO will gather the simulated Location of your iPhone.

How to spoof pokemon go iphone | Best Alternative to the application

How to spoof pokemon go? If you are a heavy Pokemon Go player in ispoofer ios, you have to be entirely dependent on pokemon go ispoofer, but when it got banned, there was nothing we could do. But Luckily, we have found an excellent alternative to iSpoofer Pokemon Go.


MagicGo is a widely used professional tool that allows you to change your Location multiple times in just a single click. As well as features, This application also facilitates you with a better experience. Let’s take a look at the MagicGo features.


  • MagicGo works with all GPS-limited applications such as Pokemon Go, Facebook, or Whatsapp.
  • With just a single click, MagicGo changes your Location to anywhere.
  • It also has a feature named movement speed to change speed accordingly.
  • For privacy, MagicGo sustains track of your data.
  • It has an integrated joystick feature that allows you to move quickly and freely.

Steps to use MagicGo

  1. Open MagicGo
  2. Attach your iOS device to your computer
  3. Tap ‘move

You would know that the ispoofer pokemon go app is shut down entirely by the organization if you are a regular application user. But what was the reason behind it? Let’s dive into it.

Why did The app shut down?

There could be several reasons for shutting down the ispoofer pokemon go app, and we would like to discuss a few possible results:

Since the iSpoofer facilitates the same capabilities that PokeGo++ did, It was convicted of copyright infringement.

Because of the terms and conditions of Pokemon Go, The application got banned, and users would risk their accounts on losing it if they kept utilizing the ispoofer pogo.

Several alternative apps came up, and the iSpoofer team wanted to concentrate on further studies.


Undoubtedly, ISpoofer application was a great approach to spoof location and enjoy location or GPS-restricted features but shutting it down caused many fans to be sad globally. Fortunately, MagicGo is the excellent solution and the most suitable Alternative, as it has a single-click interface and is simple to follow the procedure.

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