how to see liked posts on instagram

How to see liked posts on instagram

Instagram is a great platform for seeing people posts, talking with people and sharing insta and also to get more followers. Sometimes, using social media, things like Instagram could feel sudden. When you like a post, It is highly possible to easily forget you ever witnessed it when it vanishes from your Instagram feed. This is the right place for you to see you previously liked posts on Instagram. Although Instagram is slowly removing the like counts on bars globally, it is still possible to see liked posts on instagram. So this information will provide you with details on how to see liked posts on instagram.

So keep reading the article to know about how to see instagram posts you’ve liked.

Why to see History of posts you’ve liked instagram?

There could be many reasons to review content that you have liked. They can give you helpful details regarding essential updates and timetables. You may want to move back and see all of the new comments because they provide you with stimulating discussions. Due to current reasons or situations, You can also remove your likes.

How to see liked posts on Instagram

1. On your mobile device, Launch the instagram Application.

2. Tap on your account icon if you are not on your account page.

3. When the account page is open, move to the three line menu on the top right corner.

how to see liked posts on instagram

4. When the menu emerges, tap your activity.

5. Choose interactions .

how to see liked posts on instagram

6. Tap likes.

how to see liked posts on instagram

Finally by doing this, you will see the records of the 300 instagram posts you’ve liked. Your liked posts are organized in “Newest to older” but you can also sort and filter your liked content.

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