How To Load Cignal Using Gcash

How To Load Cignal Using Gcash | Follow 6 Easy Steps (2023)

How to load Cignal using GCash was questioned on social media by several readers who watch satellite television at home.

Maintaining the best satellite TV service in the country requires routinely recharging your Cignal TV subscription. Picture yourself in a situation where your prepaid Cignal membership expires just before a significant event like the Miss Universe pageant or the NBA Finals. Have you given it much thought? You may instantly add GCash to your Cignal account to avoid this difficulty.

How To Load Cignal Using Gcash

Let’s know How to load cignal prepaid using gcash. To purchase a prepaid load for your Smart or Globe mobile phone, buy a Cignal load using the GCash app. After a successful purchase, the e-PIN will be delivered via text message.

To Load to your Cignal account using GCash, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the GCash app or Go to and Log in with your MPIN. On the home screen, press the “Buy Load” button.

Step 2: Enter or choose the mobile phone number to which the Cignal e-PIN will be delivered. To proceed, use the “NEXT” button.

Step 3: Select the “PAYTV” tab on the load menu.

Step 4: Select the Cignal prepaid load denomination you want to buy (for example, Cignal Prepaid Load 300). To proceed, use the “NEXT” button.

Step 5: After checking your payment information, click “Pay” to confirm your transaction.

Step 6: If your purchase is successful, the PIN you need to reload your Cignal prepaid account will be sent to you through text message. This text message should be recovered and retained.

How To load cignal using gcash globe sim or e-PIN?

The Cignal web loading tool is a self-service loading portal that allows you to load your Cignal TV prepaid account with the purchased load.

To reload your Cignal account, open the web loading tool in your browser and enter the following information:

  • Enter your Cignal account number on Prepaid Account.
  • Pin – GCash was used to pay for the Cignal load. When you’ve finished, enter the PIN that was texted to you.
  • Captcha Code – Type in the blanks with the words from the image. If the image is unclear, click “Generate New Image” to generate a new one.
  • Click “SUBMIT” after you’re done.

How to load Cignal tv using Gcash By SMS

If you cannot use the web loading tool, simply SMS CIGNAL PIN> to 5353; one illustration is CIGNAL 96903487399701. You’ll pay $1 for each transaction.

If you are reloading your account for the first time, you must first text CIGNAL REG and your PIN to 5353. One such is CIGNAL REG 36401999. You need to do this step once; you don’t need to do it again for subsequent reloads. On our site you know different features of Gcash such as, How To Change Number In Gcash, How to pay bills using Gcash and some others.

Cignal TV Prepaid Packages

  • Prepaid Load 175 Cignal (4 HD Channels & 51 SD Channels).
  • Prepaid Load 200 Cignal (7 HD Channels & 63 SD Channels).
  • Cignal Prepaid Load 300 (ten HD channels and seventy-two SD channels).
  • Prepaid Load 450 Cignal (12 HD Channels & 80 SD Channels).
  • Prepaid Load 500 Cignal (13 HD Channels & 81 SD Channels).
  • Prepaid Load 600 Cignal (17 HD Channels & 87 SD Channels).
  • Prepaid Load 800 Cignal (21 HD Channels & 91 SD Channels).
  • Prepaid Load 1000 Cignal (23 HD Channels & 96 SD Channels).

Cignal Play Premium Packages:

  • Cignal Play Premium P75, Visit for menu. (Get a 30-day trial of Cignal Play’s premium channels, movies, and series). 
  • Cignal Play Premium P200, Visit for menu. (Get 30-day access to over 40 premium channels and an unlimited movie library). 

Final Thoughts

In this article we describe, How To Load Cignal Using Gcash. When you notice that your Cignal prepaid membership has run out, there’s no need to freak out, thanks to GCash. Just pull out your phone, launch the GCash app, and quickly purchase the desired Cignal load deal. After that, you can continue binge-watching your preferred TV episodes and movies in your home’s tranquility, comfort, and privacy.


How to buy cignal load using gcash?

Follow Below steps:

  • Go to and log in to the account portal.
  • Click the Orders button.
  • Select your desired Prepaid Pack.
  • Click Place Order on the pop-up screen.
  • Input your credit card/debit card / Gcash / Maya details, then click Complete Order.

How to load prepaid cignal using gcash?

Send the message PASALOAD, followed by your CIGNAL account number, and the keyword 67586 from your SMART SIM. Just dial 808.

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