How to create a poll on Facebook Workplace

How to create a poll on Facebook Workplace

You must understand how to make a poll on Facebook if you want to enhance interaction and discover more about your target audience.


Users will be more inclined to answer your inquiries because this interactive feature involves little work.


So, polls are a terrific approach to involve more people if you need help getting them to interact with your content. You can build your brand on Facebook through buying like comments and subscribers. Including pool options and Subscriberz will help you gain more organic visibility. They provide you with the Best Prices available for Premium & risk free social media growth Services. 


However, let’s get back to the point. You can quickly get feedback from clients by utilizing polls on Facebook to ask them questions about your business.


In this post, you’ll discover how to make polls on Facebook in various methods, how to utilize them wisely, and how polling your customers may boost your company’s sales. Let us learn how to create a pool on Facebook Workplace.


How to create a poll on Facebook Workplace

Making Polls on Facebook


The days of creating a poll from your Facebook feed or timeline are long gone. You can only share a poll on Messenger, a Facebook Group, a story, or an event page.

  • Facebook Group Poll


It can be helpful to utilize a poll to gather input from your customers and followers if you have a Facebook group for your business.

By doing this, you may be getting comments and viewpoints from those interested in your business, such as current or potential clients.

However, before adopting strategies to enhance participation and engagement, you must ensure you understand how to build a poll within the Facebook platform.


  • As a beginning point, you will need to:
  • Click the menu button, select groups, and then select your groups.
  • Click “write something” after selecting the group of your choice.
  • Down the page, choose poll.
  • Tap on “add poll option” after entering your question.
  • Fill out each poll option box with your response choices.
  • Tap the “publish” button once you’re satisfied with your poll.
  • This is a basic explanation of creating and publishing a poll to a Facebook group.


Facebook Story Polls


It is considering that 250 million people use Stories daily and its prominent placement in users’ News Feeds, making a poll is a priceless (and enjoyable!) approach to engaging your audience.


  • Let’s examine the process.
  • Launch the Facebook app on your mobile device.
  • Tap the “Hamburger” icon on the left side of the screen to get to your Facebook Page. You can access your page by scrolling down, hitting the “Pages” button, or going to your shortcuts area.
  • Make Up a Fresh Story
  • Choose “Create a Story” from the dropdown menu when you tap on the blue circle with the plus symbol around your profile photo.
  • Create a Facebook poll.


To access the “Poll” card, swipe to the left. Specify the “Yes” and “No” answers to your question by writing them out.

Both options are a photo from your camera roll or a background with a color gradient.

When finished, select “Share Now” from the menu.

Only you can see the number of votes each choice received and how each voter voted, while your followers can see the percentage of those who chose each option.

Poll on an Events Page If your business is the host of an events page, this presents you with yet another chance to design and distribute a poll to a highly focused audience.

Users interested in the discussions on your page or attending your event will probably respond to the polls you post.


  • To begin your poll, make sure it has the following components before moving on:
  • Activate the Facebook app or website.
  • Select events from the menu.
  • Select the event of your choice, then select the conversation tab.
  • Select the “poll” button (or the three-dotted icon to show more, then choose poll)
  • Fill out your poll with your questions and potential responses.
  • Tap the “publish” button once you’re satisfied with your poll.
  • It’s that easy!


Polls on Facebook Messenger


In contrast to the fact that you may no longer post polls to your News Feed, Facebook has now made group chats in Messenger available to you personally.

Facebook should expand the functionality to chats for business sites. An ideal strategy to conduct brief customer satisfaction surveys would be to use this method.


This is the procedure.


  • Open an existing group chat or start a new one.
  • At the Messenger Window’s bottom, click the “+” button. This will open a new window next to the text box.
  • Choose the Facebook Poll button and enter your question there.
  • After Adding Your Choices, Select “Create a Poll”
  • You can share it with your group by doing this.




In conclusion, polls are a fantastic approach to collecting customer input on products and a thorough grasp of what customers desire. Polling aids in content creation and boosts website traffic.


If you need to quickly ascertain your consumers’ opinions but only have a little time, you can create a poll on Facebook.


The results of the polls and the displayed feedback assist firms in improving their goods and let customers know how valued their input is.

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