How many teeth do humans have
How many teeth do humans have

How many teeth do humans have, children and adults?

How many teeth do humans have?


Typically, children have 20 teeth, and adults have 32 teeth including 4 wisdom teeths.

Your teeth are divided into incisors (eight), canines (four), premolars (eight), and molars (twelve). The majority of people have fewer teeth in their mouths. Thirty-two is a large number!

Too many teeth, also known as overcrowding, can cause teeth to become misaligned, decay more quickly, and raise the risk of periodontal disease. Many people get their wisdom teeth extracted for improper reasons.

What are the four types of teeth?

How many teeth do humans have
How many teeth do humans have?

We have various types of teeth, and every single one has an essential role. There are four kinds of permanent teeth in humans:

  • Incisors
  • Canines
  • Premolars
  • Molars

Take care of your teeth

Throughout your life, you will have two complete sets of teeth. As a baby, you have 20 teeth; as an adult, you should have 32.

Each of the 32 teeth serves a specific function in chewing and feeding. Maintain good dental hygiene and gum health to avoid cavities and other health problems.

The bottom line

After reading this blog, your question, How many teeth do humans have is straightforward. You need all 32 of your teeth to bite hard food. To communicate clearly, your teeth are also necessary. Even if your teeth are strong, they won’t last a lifetime with proper care.

Maintain your dental health by brushing and flossing regularly and scheduling professional cleanings every six months.


How.many teeth do humans have?

Adults humans have 32 teeth and children have 20 teeth.

How many teeth do adult humans have?

Adults humans have 32 teeth.

Does 32 teeth include wisdom teeth?

Yes, 28 normal teeth and 4 wisdom teeth do humans have.

Do humans have 52 teeth?

No, adult humans have 32 teeth.

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