Essential B2B Payment Solutions

Essential B2B Payment Solutions in 2023

B2B payments differ from consumer payments in many ways. They often involve extended lead periods, preferred payment terms, and complex financing and collections procedures.

Look for a solution that offers maximum flexibility and control over B2B payments. That way, you can pay your suppliers how they want.

Credit Cards

In recent years, business owners have sought security and speed in their B2B payments. This demand has prompted payment solution providers to develop new, user-friendly tools. The result is embedded costs and digital payment solutions inserted directly into software platforms for seamless integration. These payments are easy for employees to use and reduce the chance of human error. They also help streamline the experience for the user by removing the need to track payment systems across different software platforms. Embedded payments are growing in popularity with both small and large businesses. The gig economy has made this payment necessary, as freelancers want the convenience and security of immediate access to their earnings. It has prompted payment solution providers to develop ways for companies to make and receive payments regularly without the hassle of manual paperwork. Another popular option for B2B payments is ACH, which has grown to be a common way to process payments online. In 2019, the ACH network processed 24.7 billion transactions, about three for every person globally. This payment type is a good choice for businesses with multiple vendors and buyers because it’s easy to track, secure, and fast. Whether you’re paying by credit card or ACH, opt for a system with built-in invoice approvals so your employees can approve payments quickly and easily.

Electronic Checks

Payments from business to business (B2B) finance the exchange of products and services between companies. They occur across all industries and between wholesalers, manufacturers, retailers, service providers, small businesses, and enterprises. They can be one-time or recurring payments and may be processed on various platforms. In many cases, B2B payments are facilitated by online payment solutions that support different payment methods, including credit cards, ACH, wire transfers, and direct deposits. While checks are still prevalent in some B2B transactions, they must be updated. They’re prone to human error and often take longer than other methods to clear. In addition, they’re expensive to process. In comparison, ACH payments — the digital equivalent of paper checks — are fast, convenient, and secure. Another benefit of using a B2B digital payments solution is the lower transaction fees. Unlike credit card payments, which can be subject to a two- to five-percent transaction fee, eChecks are typically just a flat dollar amount. On larger purchases, this can result in considerable financial savings. Automating accounts receivable and offering a digital business payment solution is a great way to improve your cash flow. Plus, it frees up time for your accounting or finance team to focus on higher-level tasks and improve internal alignment.

Direct Cash

Cash remains a common form of payment for B2B transactions despite the falling popularity of payments made between individuals. However, cash is also the most vulnerable form of payment. When a business writes a check to another company, it exposes itself to the possibility of a bank robbery or other types of fraud. In contrast, B2B payment automation platforms provide a safer and more secure environment for businesses to conduct transactions. In addition, digital solutions reduce the risk of human error and increase transparency for both parties. A digital platform offers the benefit of a clear paper trail and a fast, efficient processing time. As more and more companies opt for B2B payment solutions, the market is expected to grow exponentially. Unlike B2C payments, which require purchasing goods or services before receiving them, business-to-business payments are generally made after the product has been delivered. It allows companies to track usage and payments in a more timely manner. When deciding what payment method suits your business, you must consider the type of payment you are comfortable with and your current financial standing. Choosing the wrong solution can cause unnecessary delays and costs for your business. Ultimately, you want to select a provider with built-in invoice approvals and the option to pay how you like.

Vendor Accounts

B2B payments are much more than cash or a check sent in the mail. They’re about getting your customers the right products and services at the best prices on time. But without the help of digital solutions, this can take a long time to complete. That’s because each business-to-business payment requires a transaction record, and then someone must enter this into your accounting system or other data records. Then, the accounts payable or accounts receivable person must match it to the invoice. It can be a manual process that can take hours, especially during increased activity or uncertainty.

Using a vendor account with automated matching of payments to recurring invoices from your vendors is one way to deal with this issue. It can save your AP team significant time and effort. It can also reduce the risk of overdue payments, which are costly for everyone involved. A vendor account can be configured for a specific person or organization with a set of parameters like terms of payment, catalog import, and more. It can also be linked to a general ledger account, and you can add prenotes to verify information. You can even configure the bank account to which the payments should be made. It is an important feature, mainly if a provider supports ACH payments.

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