3 Important Dropshipping companies for your Online Business in 2022

Dropshipping companies  2022

Dropshipping is one of the most fast-blooming online businesses these days. Many eCommerce supplier companies are competing for the top, but not all are thriving as fast as AliExpress, MyDepot, and Oberlo.

In this article, we’ll shed light on three of the most important dropshipping companies a dropshipping entrepreneur must know about.

First of all, let’s start with what dropshipping is?. A dropshipping business is a type of E-commerce business where the Dropship supplier doesn’t keep the products it markets in stock. Instead, the supplier uses an eCommerce platform to get orders and purchase the order from wholesale suppliers, and the supplier directly ships it to the customer. So, no need to handle the product and shipping now, and hence a small capital and a single man is enough for the startup of Dropshipping.

Now, Moving back to the main topic, let’s review some of the top companies and their prominent features to know them better.


The competition is fierce when you’re a drop shipping business, but when it comes to the variety of products, only a few drop shipping companies can compete with AliExpress. Founded in 2010, AliExpress is in the fast lane featuring more than 100m products, which means almost you can find or sell anything on this eCommerce platform.

AliExpress has some free plans, but as everything good has a price, AliExpress paid plans, a.k.a Advance plan’s and their powerful features stand one hell of a thing to look forward to. With the advance plan, you can access practical automation tools that tow new orders from your shop, automatically redirect orders to suppliers, and mark orders as completed without even moving a finger.

Most Prominent features:

  • Price: Plans start from $0 to how much you can afford but analytically speaking, each penny is worth it if spent wisely,
  • Languages: Language translation is quite a helpful feature when you’re selling worldwide. AliExpress has an automatic translation system for 18 languages.
  • Product Range: AliExpress is almost unbeatable in product variety and cost. You can practically find anything to buy or sell at pretty reasonable prices.
  • Payment Security: AliExpress features multiple payment methods to let users choose their preferred mode. Furthermore, all payment methods are secure.
  • Ecommerce integration: AliExpress offers integration with many dropship suppliers like Shopify drop shipping, Amazon drop shipping, Wayfair drop shipping, etc.


MyDepot.com is one of the top e-commerce dropshipping platforms integrate-able with all major companies like Shopify, Amazon etcetera. Still, more than that, it specializes in the Home and furniture product range, and none can beat MyDepot in this game. Focused on one niche for products, the quality held by MyDepot is noteworthy.

MyDepot works directly with manufacturers in general, so the pricing is also much more affordable. The primary users of MyDepot are home and furniture businesses that are already working with Amazon, Wayfair etcetera.

Most Prominent Features:

  • Free Trial: MyDepot features a complimentary 30Day Free trial that is quite charming for the new drop shippers.
  • Inventory: MyDepot offers elegant control over your listing, and you can easily import products directly to the eCommerce platform (Amazon, Shopify & Wayfair)
  • Delivery: MyDepot’s using their U.S based fulfillment centers, offer one of the most reliable and fastest deliveries as compared to other competitors


Founded in 2015, Oberlo is one of the most pleasing dropshipping platforms, making it almost effortless to find unique products to market online.

Oberlo offers a massive range of products (from fashion products to electronics, everything is there) with sound profit potential without much research. Plus, You can smoothly find and link products directly to your online store and start selling in a few clicks.

With Oberlo’s top-tier shipping methods, buyers get swift delivery within the said time at doorsteps.

Most Prominent Features:

  • Product Hunting: Oberlo presents data-driven product searches, making classic product hunting much more comfortable.
  • Free Plan: Oberlo costs zero to make a listing in your store, and you can use the free plan forever, so It’s a win-win for the dropshipper.
  • Sales Automation: Oberlo offers powerful automation and campaign tools that are pretty simple and easy to use; hence increasing sales & keeping records is not a nuisance anymore

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