Convert Miles To KM

Convert Miles To KM

When measuring distances, miles and kilometers are two of the most often used units of measurement. Most of the world uses kilometers instead of miles. However, the United States and a few others still prefer to use miles.

Converting miles and kilometers might take much work for those unfamiliar. Yet, having it is necessary, particularly when traveling or interacting with people from other nations. You can more easily move between the two units of measurement by using the six methods we’ll cover in this post.


Formula to change kilometers to miles

Distance in kilometers is calculated as follows: distance in kilometers = distance in miles x 1.60934

To utilize this formula, you need to know the distance in miles that you wish to convert to kilometers. The distance in miles is then multiplied by the conversion factor, which is 1.60934, to obtain the distance in kilometers.

Here’s an illustration:

Consider converting 7 miles to km. You would first enter the distance in miles to use the formula:

7 miles converted to kilometers is 1.60934

The distance in miles would then be multiplied by the conversion factor:

11.26538 kilometers is the distance in kilometers.

Hence, 7 miles are comparable to 11.26538 kilometers.


6 Ways to Convert Miles to Kilometers

The following six methods can help you convert miles to kilometers:


Use a conversion table

Using a conversion chart is among the simplest and most direct ways to change miles to kilometers. The conversion factor for converting miles to kilometers is commonly shown on these charts. Using a conversion table, find the miles-to-kilometers conversion factor, multiply the number of miles by that factor, and divide the result by 100 to get the equivalent distance in kilometers.


Use a converter online

Using an online converter is another simple method of converting kilometers to miles. Miles to kilometers conversion tools are widely available online for free. Enter the number of miles you want to convert, and the converter will provide the kilometers corresponding to that distance.


Employ a calculator

You can convert miles to kilometers using a calculator if you need access to a conversion table or an online converter. Multiply the number of miles by 1.60934 to convert the distance. You’ll receive the relative distance in kilometers after doing this.


Use a smartphone application

Numerous smartphone applications can convert miles to kilometers. These mobile apps are simple to use and instantly translate distances. The software will give you the relative distance in kilometers when you enter the number of miles you wish to convert.


Employ a Formula

If you’d rather do the math manually, you can use the conversion formula to change miles to kilometers. The equation is:

Distance in miles multiplied by 1.60934 to convert to kilometers

For instance, the formula would be as follows if you wanted to convert 10 miles to kilometers:

Ten times 1.60934, or 16.0934 kilometers, is the distance in kilometers.


Learn the Basic Conversions

It may be helpful to memorize a few standard conversions if you frequently need to convert distances from miles to kilometers. You may recall, for instance, that one mile is equivalent to 1.6 kilometers. This method can help calculate distances rapidly.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you convert miles to kilometers?

Miles to kilometers conversion formula:

Miles multiplied by 1.60934 to convert a distance to kilometers.

For instance, the calculation would be as follows to convert 10 miles to kilometers:

10 miles multiplied by 1.60934 to convert to kilometers is 16.0934 kilometers.


Is a kilometer equal to a mile?

No, a mile is just a little farther than a kilometer.

Since 1 kilometer equals approximately 0.62137 miles, 1 mile equals 1.60934 kilometers. As a result, a mile is roughly 1.6 times as long as a kilometer.


How far is 5 miles in kilometers?

5 miles can be converted to kilometers using the following formula:

Miles multiplied by 1.60934 to convert a distance to kilometers.

When we enter the value of five miles, we obtain the following:

Five miles multiplied by 1.60934 to convert to 8.0467 kilometers in kilometers.

Hence, 5 miles is comparable to 8.0467 kilometers.



In conclusion, knowing how to convert from miles to kilometers is useful in various circumstances. You can quickly and effectively convert distances between these two units of measurement by utilizing one of the six techniques mentioned above. A method can work for you, whether you prefer utilizing a conversion table, an internet converter, a calculator, a mobile app, a formula, or memorization.


Miles to KM conversion chart

MilesĀ  kilometers
1 miles to km 1.609344 km
1.3 miles to km 2.092184 km
1.5 miles to km 2.414016 km
1.6 miles to km 2.574688 km
1.7 miles to km 2.735360 km
10 miles to km 16.093440 km
100 miles to km 160.934400 km
1000 miles to km 1609.344000 km
11 miles to km 17.702784 km
110 miles to km 177.027840 km
12 miles to km 19.312128 km
120 miles to km 193.121280 km
1200 miles to km 1931.212800 km
13 miles to km 20.921472 km
13.1 miles to km 21.082144 km
14 miles to km 22.530880 km
140 miles to km 225.308800 km
15 miles to km 24.140224 km
15 miles to km 24.140224 km
150 miles to km 241.402240 km
16 miles to km 25.749568 km
160 miles to km 257.495680 km
170 miles to km 273.588160 km
18 miles to km 28.968192 km
180 miles to km 289.681600 km
19 miles to km 30.577536 km
2 5 miles to km 40.233600 km
2 miles to km 3.218688 km
2.2 miles to km 3.540520 km
2.3 miles to km 3.701192 km
2.5 miles to km 4.023024 km
20 miles to km 32.186880 km
200 miles to km 321.868800 km
2000 miles to km 3218.688000 km
21 miles to km 33.796224 km
22 miles to km 35.405568 km
23 miles to km 37.014912 km
24 miles to km 38.624256 km
25 miles to km 40.233600 km
250 miles to km 402.336000 km
26 miles to km 41.842944 km
26.2 miles to km 42.195024 km
27 miles to km 43.452288 km
3 miles to km 4.828032 km
3.3 miles to km 5.311688 km
3.5 miles to km 5.632000 km
30 miles to km 48.280320 km
300 miles to km 482.803200 km
3000 miles to km 4828.032000 km
32 miles to km 51.499840 km
35 miles to km 56.327040 km
350 miles to km 563.270400 km
38 miles to km 61.155840 km
4 miles to km 6.437376 km
40 miles to km 64.373760 km
40 miles to km 64.373760 km
400 miles to km 643.737600 km
45 miles to km 72.420480 km
5 miles to km 8.046720 km
50 miles to km 80.467200 km
50 miles to km 80.467200 km
500 miles to km 804.672000 km
5000 miles to km 8046.720000 km
55 miles to km 88.514240 km
5miles to km 8.046720 km
6 miles to km 9.656064 km
60 miles to km 96.560640 km

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