What is the content and Content type? 

Define Content and Content-Type? 

Content is very necessary for Google and Seo but what content is? How can we understand it? How do we differentiate content type among different types of content? 

To do Rank, Google extremely needs content. We can say that Google is hungry for content. Until google doesn’t obtain content, your Seo or Ranking will not be improved.Content Type

 So what is content? 

Content doesn’t mean only text. The text must be content but only content is not text. So the content meaning is text or other several forms that google considers as content. 

For Example:

When you search for anything on google. The first result you see is generally all the website links in which the words you are searching for already wrote somewhere in them. 

Text is very explicit content but sometimes you also see images in google’s search. You also found images on google as a result of a query.

In google’s search when you create a query or generate a query, against the result of a few queries you get images, videos, and other different formats. 

Types of content

There are 4 different forms or formats of content:

  • Text
  • Images
  • Video 
  • Audio


The text is content. Now the question is what type of text? In:

  • English Language 
  • Urdu Language 

If in any language you are writing something then it is called text. Google indexes these texts furthermore Google understands all the languages and maintains it in its database. That’s why the text is a big form of content. Content Type  


Content also considers in the form of images. The image includes when you capture an image of someone, but if you

  • Design a logo or icon
  • Design any image/ picture
  • Visual design

or anything you can see visually even a design then these are all different forms of content and we categories these in images. Image content google indexes and the image can of any type. 


Similarly when we mix content, image, and audio then you get another format in the form of video. In which you can watch, listen to, and read something in the video. So the video is a different format and google does not only index videos but in the form of YouTube, Google has a complete platform where it hosts video content. 


The fourth form of content is audio. In this format google also has a lot of content. Google does not have a specific platform for audio content but All the:

  • Music
  • Your recording 
  • When you listen to a lecture or a song while walking.

 So Google also has all these in the form of audio Content. Google also indexes such content and you can search it depending on your search query, according to that query google shows you results. 

So Google’s effort is to 

  • Index
  • Maintain
  • Optimize

these different content formats and wherever anyone searches the above-mentioned formats, Google will also display them. Further, there are some other things that count in content which we can consider as a content synonym because it works similarly as content but in different formats. 

For Example:

Have you ever used Google maps? If you have used Google maps. Neither text nor audio or video but these maps is different types of content which google hosts, optimizes, and keeps in his database, and when you search it displays you as a result.Read More? 

Nowadays, the Content creator provides different content in different formats, and google also indexes those formats. 

Some other content type or types of Google Content

  • Location 
  • Google translate 
  • Personal information 

Is Google maps content? 

The content in Google is:

1-GPS location

          It is a Global positioning system through which your mobile device or GPS device, you feed your location to google like where are you going, from where are you coming and where are you standing right now. So google records this information and in google, the database is available in the form of maps where you map all the information. 

Therefore if you log in to your Google account and you can see your history from your google map. If you have been on your map history as well as you can see when and where google tracks you. Thus these all are a type of content that you can see, you don’t need to justify-content because in google’s search these all types of results appear. 

For Example:

You have to go from Lahore to Karachi and you search in google. Therefore it will display you different results in which google maps are also a form.

2-Google Translate

Similarly, as we discussed earlier, in-text content different languages are involved.

Google has another product with the name of Google translate. In which google creates a database of every different language. 

For Example:

If you write anything in Urdu then you can check its meaning in English or translate it in the English language. If you write anything in English then you can check its meaning in Urdu or you can translate from one language to any other language. 

The translation is not sometimes completely perfect but it’s almost beneficial. So it’s a different type of content that Google has. Google utilizes it and also displays you. 

3-Personal Details

In addition, One thing that google also acquires in the form of content is your personal Details. 

For Example:

You use a calendar to maintain your schedule like Which event is coming, where you have to go or when the meeting is etc. 

So it’s another type of content that Google manages. Google has all these content and on the basis of this content, google generates information. On the base of information google also helps you. 

Google assistant 

It helps you by using its program namely google assistant. You use it on your mobile or google desktop. By using google assistant you can ask questions from google in your language or in Urdu, English, and in any other language because it is considered as questionable content, so google will answer your question. Google gathers this information from different places. 

In content, it’s necessary to understand one thing that is content from different frequencies to different importers increase or decrease.  Frequency means previously text content is huge but now mobile and camera are very common so visual content increases. People can capture pictures or videos very easily, instead of writing a large content you can understand it by showing an image. 

Visual content is very common now because devices are available and common too.

Growing Audio Trend:

The new innovation or format of content now introducing is audio content. People are very busy and everybody has devices. Instead of writing anything on google, they prefer to speak which is called voice-based content. The voice-based content which is audio content is growing very quickly. The searches against this content are also growing. Google also wants when someone searches with a voice it will display the exact result. 

Voice Seo:

To display such results another type of SEO is also ready namely Voice Seo. This is another type of service. As Google is providing you a new utility, On this basis business can also do optimization because when a user searches with the voice they get the desired results. 


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