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How to Convert cm to feet

Although converting measurements between units can be difficult, it can be made simple with the correct formula and equipment. Centimeters to feet conversion is one that people frequently need to do. Converting measurements from CM to feet is an important ability, whether you’re trying to gauge the size of a space, a piece of furniture, or even your height. In this post, we’ll give you six different conversion methods as well as a formula for converting CM to ft.


Formula to convert Centimeters to Feet

Let’s first establish the formula for converting centimeters to feet before moving on to the procedures. Given a conversion factor of 30,48, one foot is equivalent to 30,48 centimeters. As a result, all you have to do to change from centimeters to feet is divide the length value by 30.48. The equation is as follows:

ft = 30.48 cm


Methods to convert Cm to Feet

Now that you know the formula, let’s look at six ways to convert centimeters to feet.


Learn Common Conversions

Knowing a few standard conversions may be useful if you frequently need to convert between centimeters and feet. You may recall that 150 cm is roughly equivalent to 4 feet 11 inches, and 180 cm is approximately equivalent to 5 feet 11 inches. You can save time and streamline the conversion process by memorizing frequent conversions.


Use a calculator

To convert cm to feet on a calculator, enter the value in centimeters, divide it by 30.48 to get the value in feet, and then repeat. The division is a common calculator function, so this should be simple.


Employ a smartphone app

For smartphones, there are a ton of apps that let you convert cm to feet. These apps offer a quick and simple way to perform the conversion while on the go and are frequently free.


Utilize mental math

You can convert centimeters to feet mentally if you need to do so quickly and don’t have access to a calculator or other resources. Round up to the nearest full number after dividing the result in millimeters by 30. You will receive a rough estimate in feet after doing this.


Use an online converter

Using an online converter is the simplest and quickest way to convert a measurement to a foot. Several websites provide free conversion tools to convert centimeters to feet easily. Enter the value in centimeters, and the converter will handle the rest.


Use a conversion chart

Utilizing a conversion chart is another simple way to convert cm to feet. Conversion tables are available online and in dictionaries. Finding the corresponding measurement in feet and inches is as simple as finding the centimeter value on the chart and moving the row over.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you manually convert centimeters to feet?

You may manually convert centimeters to feet using the formula 1 foot = 30.48 cm. This indicates that 30.48 centimeters are equivalent to 1 foot. You can multiply the centimeters by 30.48 to convert them to feet.


How tall is 168cm in feet?

You may multiply 168 by 30.48 to convert 168 cm to feet, giving you 5.51 feet (rounded to two decimal places). 168 cm is, therefore, 5.51 ft long.


Is 60 cm equal to 2 ft?

No, 60 cm and 2 feet are not equivalent. You can use the conversion formula 1 foot = 30.48 cm to convert 60 cm to feet. Hence, 60 cm divided by 30.48 is 1.97 feet (rounded to two decimal places).


How tall are 160 centimeters?

You may apply the same conversion ratio to change 160 cm to feet. 30.48 centimeters equals one foot. The result of dividing 160 by 30.48 is 5.25 feet (rounded to two decimal places). Hence, 5.25 feet are equal to 160 cm.


How many centimeters equal one foot?

The length of a foot is 30.48 cm. As a result, you can multiply the number of feet by 30.48 to convert from feet to cm.



Converting between centimeters and feet is a useful ability that can be applied in various circumstances. The formula for converting cm to ft is the same whether you use an internet converter, a conversion table, a calculator, a smartphone app, mental calculations, or memorization. You should be able to convert lengths in centimeters to lengths in feet accurately and quickly by using the techniques described in this article.

Cm to Feet Conversion Table

Centimeters (cm) Feet (Ft)
160 cm to feet 5.25 feet
178 cm to feet 5.84 feet
158 cm to feet 5.18 feet
170 cm to feet 5.58 feet
180 cm to feet 5.91 feet
190 cm to feet 6.23 feet
163 cm to feet 5.35 feet
155 cm to feet 5.09 feet
162 cm to feet 5.31 feet
165 cm to feet 5.41 feet
171 cm to feet 5.61 feet
175 cm to feet 5.74 feet
157 cm to feet 5.15 feet
150 cm to feet 4.92 feet
156 cm to feet 5.12 feet
168 cm to feet 5.51 feet
172 cm to feet 5.64 feet
174 cm to feet 5.71 feet
200 cm to feet 6.56 feet
159 cm to feet 5.22 feet
173 cm to feet 5.68 feet
185 cm to feet 6.07 feet
186 cm to feet 6.10 feet
120 cm to feet 3.94 feet
164 cm to feet 5.38 feet
166 cm to feet 5.44 feet
167 cm to feet 5.48 feet
176 cm to feet 5.77 feet
182 cm to feet 5.97 feet
177 cm to feet 5.80 feet
188 cm to feet 6.17 feet
316 cm to feet 10.37 feet
100 cm to feet 3.28 feet
140 cm to feet 4.59 feet
145 cm to feet 4.76 feet
152 cm to feet 4.99 feet
153 cm to feet 5.02 feet
161 cm to feet 5.28 feet
169 cm to feet 5.54 feet
184 cm to feet 6.04 feet
1 cm to feet 0.03 feet
154 cm to feet 5.05 feet
183 cm to feet 6.00 feet
187 cm to feet 6.14 feet
195 cm to feet 6.40 feet
110 cm to feet 3.61 feet
144 cm to feet 4.72 feet
148 cm to feet 4.86 feet
179 cm to feet 5.87 feet
181 cm to feet 5.94 feet
192 cm to feet 6.30 feet
193 cm to feet 6.33 feet
80 cm to feet 2.62 feet
130 cm to feet 4.27 feet
147 cm to feet 4.82 feet
191 cm to feet 6.27 feet
196 cm to feet 6.43 feet
220 cm to feet 7.22 feet
300 cm to feet 9.84 feet
50 cm to feet 1.64 feet
60 cm to feet 1.97 feet
70 cm to feet 2.30 feet
90 cm to feet 2.95 feet
149 cm to feet 4.89 feet
189 cm to feet 6.20 feet
250 cm to feet 8.20 feet
125 cm to feet 4.10 feet
210 cm to feet 6.89 feet
40 cm to feet 1.31 feet
75 cm to feet 2.46 feet
105 cm to feet 3.44 feet
146 cm to feet 4.79 feet
151 cm to feet 4.95 feet
197 cm to feet 6.46 feet
201 cm to feet 6.59 feet
30 cm to feet 0.98 feet
135 cm to feet 4.43 feet
202 cm to feet 6.63 feet
500 cm to feet 16.40 feet
123 cm to feet 4.04 feet
139 cm to feet 4.56 feet
141 cm to feet 4.63 feet


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