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Top 10 Best Android Apps for Bloggers to Boost Productivity

Top 10 Best Android Apps for Bloggers 

In the coming years, smartphones could be our personal computers because of their small size and fashionable design. As bloggers, These blogging apps can make most of our smartphones to help us to blog more comfortably. It is possible to find millions of mobile blog apps that are available on the Google Play store, but every blog app isn’t worthy of a test. Therefore I’ve compiled this list of the top 10 best android apps for bloggers 2022 which can help you organize your blog on your phone.

Here is a list of the best blogging apps, vital for every writer.

1- Google Analytics:

Number one in the list of the best android apps for bloggers is google analytics. The principle behind Google Analytics is similar to the Google Analytics tool. This one has an option to download a version free for people who don’t have lots of money yet. This application allows you to monitor your website’s traffic, visits and sessions, page views, actual-time visitors, and demographic statistics.

Google Analytics Android app is an alternative to this. This blog app also can generate reports that can be used for light reading. We suggest this as the first tool for analytics for novice bloggers. It will show you how the features work without charging the user an arm or leg to do it. There are many other top-quality options, such as Chartbeat, but Google Analytics serves most requirements for less money.

2- Grammarly Keyboard:

Number two in the best android apps for bloggers list is Grammarly. Grammarly Keyboard is a fantastic blogging app. As bloggers, we create a lot of text that needs to be proofread with spelling, grammar, and errors to avoid making the most common errors. This is the point where Grammarly can be useful since it checks automatically for over 400 grammar rules and the most common errors to help get rid of them using the best solution.

It’s a good method to improve your writing without the need for an editor. Of course, when you’re able to grow, you must employ an editor. But, Grammarly definitely helps in the interim and helps your editor’s work easier. There is an additional plagiarism checker from which you can check the authenticity of the content prior to publishing. From the above context and the facilities they are providing you, You can analyze why I put it in the top 3 best android apps for bloggers list. It’s available for free and premium versions, so do not hesitate to give it an attempt at the very minimum.

3- WordPress:

WordPress is among the finest mobile blog apps. It allows you to quickly write or edit and then publish new posts to your blog. With WordPress, you can also observe statistics on your site visitors’ behaviour, visitor statistics, and the usage of your site. It is easy to create a post, modify existing ones, and upload media. You can also manage your blog and respond to comments.

If you’re travelling in a foreign country, you do not have to carry a laptop as you can perform the job efficiently using your mobile. These are the little appealing things that attract the audience and compel us to place them in the records of best android apps for bloggers. With the most recent updates, the bugs have been eliminated, and the app is now more stable. The app functions as an actual dashboard for WordPress, which allows you to accomplish whatever you like. You can publish your posts directly via either Android or iOS or iOS devices, make your blogs into project posts, and respond to comments of your readers who comment on your blog posts. 

4- Tumblr:

Tumblr lets you enjoy blogging as an enjoyable experience. Tumblr is among the best blogging apps for Android that you can download at no cost and can be used to publish texts and links, music images, quotes, and pictures. A simple way to express your personality As opposed to the more lengthy traditional method for blogging, this application can be used to share short bits of text and snappy snapshots of pictures.

Many people prefer the Tumblr blog, also known as microblogging, since posting posts that are short with pictures, quotes or videos costs less. It allows you to publish articles, create a post or view messages and respond to messages. It is also possible to manage multiple blogs at the same time. The content you post on Tumblr appears different than those that you publish on different platforms.

5- Blogger:

If we talk about the best android apps for bloggers in upcoming years, we can’t forget the Blogger application for android. It is another platform that is highly recommended for bloggers. It is an app from Google. Therefore, you can download this application from the Google Play Store. If you’re an active blogger with an online microblog that is hosted on that platform, be sure to test the Android application. While the functionality of this app is inferior to that of WordPress, it is a good alternative. WordPress platform. Nevertheless, you can manage your blogs on Blogger/BlogSpot by using this application. Additionally, if you’re just starting with your first blog, It is the finest among mobile blog apps and it is a must to try this software. Blogger is a great platform for beginners.

6- Evernote:

Evernote is different from others in the best android apps for bloggers inventory. blogging assistant that is compatible with Android and iOS platforms. It lets you create notes, archive web content, and search easily within a tidy and clutter-free environment. Also, bloggers can record and save audio files in Evernote and then use them to refer to in the future. The camera can also capture and scan documents as well as handwriting and sketches and sketches. 

Bloggers can also clip and highlight articles from the internet for blog post research. The greatest benefit of this application is that bloggers can synchronize their data across multiple platforms, including tablets, laptops, computers, and other devices simply by logging into the app. It is the most used app in today’s decade that should be mentioned in the records of best android apps for bloggers. We are confident that you won’t be disappointed making use of this app, and it will surely enhance your experience on the blog.

7- Dropbox:

Dropbox is very similar to the other blog apps like Google Drive and Microsoft One Drive. Dropbox was developed to simplify sharing files. If you’re working on a task, you will require an easy method of sharing details with team members. For instance, when you blog, there are a variety of occasions in which you must communicate information to others. Dropbox was still in the records of the best blogging apps back in the previous years, and yet again, he made it to the top 10.

Dropbox started its services back in the year 2007. The application’s popularity has increased dramatically. According to their data, Dropbox stated that more than 1.2 billion files are regularly uploaded. Now, You can analyze yourself about its favor by their user and the praises he has got, And why it should be placed in the records of the best android apps for bloggers. We save the data on our computers or mobile phones and later go on with other things. If we could always store the data on a platform that is accessible via multiple devices, we would save time.

8- Jotterpad Writer:

Jotterpad is also in the midst of the best blogging apps and writing tools that can be used by all kinds of writers, from bloggers too. With customizable fonts and markdown capabilities, this basic Android application comes with all the features for writing you’d need in an application. To help proofread, it allows the research of words and phrases with a trusted web-based dictionary. In addition, it is possible to modify and save your documents both online (using Dropbox) and offline (to your device’s memory). I utilize Jotterpad to write my stories and articles by writing snippets of text before I transfer them to Evernote, as well as Google Docs for rigorous editing. It is also one of the best android apps for bloggers in the inventory that you shouldn’t forget to approach. 

9- Google Docs:

Are you in search of the best blogging apps alternatives to a free online word processor? This is an effective blogging app for Android. Google Docs allows you to create, edit, and collaborate on documents with other users. It can transfer MS Word documents to your Google Docs and Drive.

This application also automatically saves your work so that you won’t have to fret about accidentally closing your browser or other unintentional accidents that could occur. Google Docs is a good writing tool to use when you are beginning to write because you’ll always be sure of its Spelling and Grammar checking. Google Docs has lots to offer us.

10- Weebly:

Lastly, In the best android apps for bloggers category is Weebly. If you’re one of those who would like to test different blogging apps platforms aside from the well-known WordPress and Blogger, Weebly may be the best choice for you. More than thirty million users have utilized Weebly to design their free websites. It allows you to build blogs, websites, or even a shop. It does this very easily. You can pick among the various responsive themes and then create an individualized version of how you would like your website or blog to appear.

Weebly also offers an editor for your blog that makes publishing your blog posts extremely easy. Weebly’s app for Android lets you build and manage your Weebly website on your handheld and android device. You can also reply to any comments you post-receive and all through the app. The best part is that you can track your blog or website’s traffic, activity, and other statistics through the dashboard.

To End:

I strongly recommend that you install these best blogging apps for your Android phones to make your job simpler than ever. These applications for bloggers will allow you to publish your latest posts even when you do not have access to your laptop or computer. Out of the 10 best android apps for bloggers I mentioned above, I personally use 5 of them. Which are your top choices? Do you have any other suggestions to add? Let us know in the comment section.


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