Automotive batteries are an example of which hazard class
Automotive batteries are an example of which hazard class

Automotive batteries are an example of which hazard class?

Any substance that has the potential to react chemically and harm equipment, other materials, or living tissue is considered a corrosive hazardous material. Corrosives, including liquids, solids, and gases, come in various forms and can be either bases or acids. 

Automotive batteries are an example of which hazard class?

A) Poisonous or toxic materials oxidizers

B) Flammable solids

C) Corrosive materials

The correct Answer is C): Corrosive Materials, Automotive batteries are an example of hazard class 8.


This is because the sulfuric acid found in most car batteries may seriously burn the skin and eyes. Additionally, it can harm other textiles and garments.

Car batteries contain lead, a poisonous material, and are corrosive. Lead poisoning or inhalation can result in significant health issues, such as harm to the kidneys, blood, and neurological system.

These factors make careful handling of car batteries crucial. Disposing of car batteries correctly and complying with local laws if necessary is critical.

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What hazard class are automotive batteries?

Automotive batteries are a particular type of hazard class 8.

What are automotive batteries an example of?

A six-cell wet battery is an example of an automobile battery.

Automotive batteries are an example of which hazardous class?

Automotive batteries are a hazard class 8 Corrosive Materials. 

What are the classifications of automotive batteries?

Lead acid, SLI, deep cycle, and lithium-ion batteries are the four main battery types found in cars.

Are automotive batteries poisonous or toxic materials oxidizers?

Automotive batteries are dangerous because of their corrosive components. 

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