0981 What Network
0981 What Network

0981 What Network? | Is It Globe Or Smart In Philippines

If your cell phone number starts with 0981, you may be curious about 0981 What Network.

It’s either Smart or Talk n’ text! You are a Smart or Talk ‘n Text user if your cell phone number starts with the 0981 prefix. In the Philippines, these two cell phone networks share the same network.

0981 What Network?

0981 what network? In the Philippines, the 0981 network is registered with the Smart Communications network. Talk N’ Text and Sun Cellular are divisions of Globe Telecom, while Republika ng TM is a subsidiary of Smart Communications. Here are some more Smart mobile prefixes for you to consider.

Is 0981 smart or globe?

Is it Globe or TM? The 0981 network in the Philippines is owned by either the TM (Touch Mobile) network or Smart Communications. Talk N’ Text and Sun Cellular are both parts of Smart Communications. TM, on the other hand, is a part.

Globe Telecom’s TM (Touch Mobile) is a cell phone service name that came out in 2001 and is known for offering cheap call and text services. In a way, Globe and TM use the same mobile suffix. Because of this, they are seen as slowing down cell networks.

How to contact a Smart mobile number?

You can use this number to make a call by typing it straight into your phone, for example, 09817654321. You don’t need to use a prefix if you have an endless call promo. When calling from outside the country, use +63 plus the 10-digit cell number that doesn’t include the “0.” You can save this number in your contact list and look it up whenever you send an SMS.

Importance of Knowing the Network of a Mobile Number

Smart, Globe, TNT, TM, DITO, and Sun are some of the most well-known network providers in the Philippines. Call mobile lines on the same network to get the most out of your unlimited text and call deals. Not only do Globe and TM work together, but so do Smart and TNT.

Unlimited promos only work for tie-up networks. Let’s say you’re a Smart user and have signed up for a deal that lets you make endless calls and texts. Its features may only let Smart and Talk ‘N write subscribers write or call each other.

Other Prefixs in Philippines

0936 Network

0977 Network

0995 Network


0981 What Network? In conclusion, Smart Communications is the registered owner of the 0981 mobile prefix. Would you like to view every mobile prefix and network that goes with it in a single article? The whole list of prefixes for the Philippines Mobile Network is available here.


What network is 0981?

The mobile network of 0981 or 63981 is Smart Communications.

What are the TM and Globe numbers?

These are TM and Globe numbers:

  • 0817.
  • 0904.
  • 0905.
  • 0906.
  • 0915.
  • 0916.
  • 0917.
  • 0926.

What number is 0988?

0988 is a fake telephone number.

What network 0951?

The 0951 is a prefix number of Smart Communications.

What network is Globe?

In the Philippines, Globe is one of the biggest providers of telecom services.

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