0963 What Network

0963 What Network? Here Is Your Answer

Finding the mobile number’s membership in the network is crucial to ensure effective communication and cost control. This article explores 0963 what network Philippines and also demonstrates how important it is to know mobile phone number prefixes. The users can recognize the linked mobile network and enhance their communication capabilities by learning the prefixes.

0963 what network?

Smart Communications or Talk ‘n Text (TNT) is the mobile network for 0963 or 63963. You can verify it by entering a number that starts with 0963 in the network tester program.

If Smart communications, as well as TNT, provide SIM cards to customers, they often make use of their prefixes. They both belong to the TNT network and affiliate with Smart.


the 0963 network or the suffix “0963” cannot be valid as Globe numbers. TNT and Smart own the prefix. Globe is not using this prefix since it uses its system of numbers.

With the Mobile Number Portability (MNP), 0963 could be converted into Globe. MNP lets Smart, TNT postpaid, or prepaid customers port their mobile numbers to Globe and another network.

What are Mobile Number Prefixes

Prefixes for mobile numbers are four-digit combinations of numbers that refer to the initial four digits of the mobile number. For instance, if a mobile subscriber is using a SIM card registered with the number 09631234567, then the prefix of their mobile number would be 0963.

Prefixes on mobile numbers allow you to quickly identify which cell network a particular phone number belongs to. Being familiar with mobile number prefixes and their associated operational cellular networks can help you avoid calling or messaging numbers that are not on the networks that your current phone or text allows, thereby saving time and money.

You can also calculate how much your account is likely to be charged if you know what network the number you wish to text or call belongs to.


What network is 0963?

Smart Communications or Talk ‘n Text (TNT) is the mobile network for 0963 or 63963.

Are TNT and Smart the same?

TNT operates on Smart, which was recently named the nation’s most efficient mobile network in the first quarter of 2023 by Ookla, the world’s market leader in mobile and internet network analysis.

What network is 995?

The network of 995 is SurfMax Plus.

Are TM and TNT the same thing?

The last three are Talk ‘N Text (TNT), Republika ng TM, and DITO. Sun Cellular and TNT, two of Smart’s other subsidiaries, are owned by the business. Republika ng TM, on the other hand, is owned by Globe, a subsidiary of Globe.

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