0956 what network

0956 What network? Know If Its Globe or Smart

0956 What network? You might have come across a mobile call number that starts with 0956, and you would be wondering about it. So, is 0956 globe or smart? Let’s look into it.

What is 0956?

In the Philippines, 0956 is one of the prefix numbers in the Philippines. A prefix number is utilized by the Philippines’ mobile operator to quickly identify if a number is connected to their network or not.

The knowledge of the network that 0956 is part of is beneficial. You can avail of these benefits based on the type of load you top up:

  • Text messages are unlimited and free to send.
  • Make unlimited calls for free.
  • You can save a significant amount of cash on mobile charge credits.

0956 What network? – Globe or smart?

So, what is 0956 network?

The 0956 network is either a TM or Globe Telecom If the owner did not apply for MNP or TM. Any number that has the prefix 0956 belongs to either the Globe or TM networks.

How to check

It is easy to locate 0956 network by using the mobile network checker. The tool that is free to use is a mobile system checker. Anyone can utilize the software Network PH has created to determine the phone network that a number within the Philippines is linked to.

Enter your personal mobile number to give it a try.

Is Globe and TM the Same?

Not at all, no. Let’s take the issue from a commercial point of view. Globe Telecom, Inc. is the sole owner of the Globe Telecom network. Since TM was created at the beginning of 2001 by the exact same firm, it is considered to be a “subsidiary” of Globe Telecom, Inc. TM and Globe are, therefore, distinct from each other as companies that offer cellular services, and the reverse is true for Globe. But since TM is an affiliate of Globe’s main company, it is possible for the two networks to be connected.


What network is 0956?

The mobile network that is 0956 is either a TM or Globe Telecom.

Is TNT network globe or Smart?

In the Philippines, TNT is a cellular service of Smart Communications.

What is 0945 network?

The mobile number having a prefix of 0945 belongs to either Touch Mobile or Globe Telecoms.

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