What does priority mean on instagram

What Does Priority Mean On Instagram?

Instagram has introduced priority instagram features to enhance the user experience. However, users need clarification about the part and whether it works.

Instagram is constantly updating its features to improve user experience. In June, they changed the app by introducing the part ‘Priority’ within the Direct Messages (DM) section.

This feature marks your friend/follower as the top priority messages on instagram based on how often you communicate with them. There is no way to have an input into this because the Instagram algorithm will automatically assign the tag priority.

How to Get the “Priority” Label For An Instagram User?

Priority labels help users to prioritize replies to their followers. To get a Priority label for Instagram, follow the steps below.

  1. Make sure you update Your Instagram to the most recent version.
  2. Start Instagram using your smartphone.
  3. Visit the priority instagram dms section on your Instagram.
  4. There is a Priority label beneath the name of the user you frequently talk to.
  5. If you don’t have a Priority tag, you don’t often use Instagram DMs to communicate.

How to Turn Off the Priority Feature on Instagram?

Instagram priority label has received mixed reviews. Priority Label The Priority label on Instagram was met with mixed responses from users. Some liked the feature, while others resisted it. People who aren’t happy with the Priority label have already started seeking ways to turn off this feature that keeps identifying individuals as being the least frequently contacted users.

There isn’t a way to turn off this feature within Instagram Settings as it is not an option, and it is automatically activated following the most recent update. The tag will continue to show under the names of users that are considered significant by Instagram.

You can, however, remove the tag simply by not talking to this person over a couple of days and instead speaking with another person. In this way, you could transfer the title to another.

Is Priority Label on Instagram Useful in DMs?

Its “Priority” label in the message section is helpful in some respects but isn’t vital. It will be more effective when Instagram discovers the best way to properly evaluate communications and assign this label to the appropriate individuals.

If this happens that it does, users will be able to access chats faster. However, users may be annoyed if the system picks talks that are not appropriate since random users will be at the top of the direct message list.

Instagram has been fine-tuning its algorithm to offer users an immersive experience when using the app, allowing users to discover various practical ways to remain hooked. The introduction of Reels Stories, Reels, and Chats are essential elements to keep people engaged.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Priority label mean on Instagram followers?

“Priority Label” on Instagram followers indicates which ones are on the top of your list or with whom you have more conversations. This feature lets users use the Instagram algorithm to place an inscription under the name of people whom they typically communicate with.

Can I get the Priority Label manually?

No! There’s no method to obtain a priority status of the conversations you have with people manually. The Instagram algorithm places chats in the first spot when you talk to people more often.

Is the Priority label feature for Instagram DMs only?

Yes! Instagram’s latest Priority Label function is available only for priority instagram dm. It is not available for posts that have been liked or notifications.


It’s hard to keep up with all the developments or tools released on Instagram. Recently, the platform introduced the Priority Label option; those who are searching for what is priority on instagram DMS must be aware that it’s an option that assigns an attribute “Priority” under the name of your follower or friend in your chat with whom you have the most conversations with. At present, priority instagram messages, which allows you to manage your conversations.

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