Is Live Streamed Blackjack Different to Other Games?

Is Live Streamed Blackjack Different to Other Online Blackjack Games?

The introduction of live streaming has changed several parts of the entertainment industry, including online casino games.

Blackjack is already one of the most popular card games found in online casinos. For those who want to try a streamed live experience, we discuss questions players have about the difference between this version and the typical online version of blackjack.

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A Different Presentation

When searching for online blackjack, we see many versions of the classic game. Some of them are live-streamed and others aren’t. So, what are the key differences between these methods of playing? The rules are basically the same with many different elements that can be added, like side bets, insurance, and multiple-player hands.

Non-live games have a computer-generated deck of cards that is used on a virtual table, with no human in sight. However, the presentation of live games includes a human dealer using real playing cards in a casino setting. The growing number of live blackjack games suggests that this way of playing is becoming increasingly popular.

It’s the same game at heart, with both types having different versions that are designed to appeal to as many players as possible. Those differences come from gameplay tweaks, rather than being something inherent in the two ways of playing. In summary, live dealer blackjack and virtual tables of blackjack are essentially based on the same game with varying presentations.

The Random Element Remains the Same

The key question is whether one of the types of blackjack gives you a better chance of winning than the other. The answer is found by looking at how the element of randomness is introduced. Different methods are used in both cases but the results are similar.

Blackjack played with a human dealer on the screen uses real cards and while the number of decks used varies, many of these games use six or eight decks. We now need to bear in mind that a single deck of cards has an astonishing number of combinations. This explanation tells us of the unbelievable length of time that you’d need to get every combination of cards possible from a deck, so using several decks means that the results are totally unpredictable.

We’ve seen that live blackjack has a built-in random element that means no one knows what card will be dealt next. When it comes to virtual games, this concept is used too but the role of the real cards is replaced through the use of a random number generator, which is a set of complex algorithms that carry out the task of keeping every outcome different and random. So, there’s no difference between these methods of playing in this respect, and any increased or decreased probability of winning comes from any variance in the rules and features.

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The popularity of live blackjack games appears to be due to the style of presentation, and perhaps players simply prefer to see a human dealer running the game. However, it’s neither more difficult nor easier to play than blackjack in a computer-generated setting.   

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