0951 What Network
0951 What Network

0951 What Network? – Is Smart Or TNT Prefix In Philippines

0951 What Network? Globe or Smart? SMART Communications owns and operates the 0951 network in the Philippines. With 30.53 million users as of August 2020, SMART Communications is among the largest telecommunications firms in the Philippines.

0951 What Network?

What network 0951? Is 0951 globe or smart? SMART Communications owns and operates the 0951 mobile prefix in the Philippines. In the Philippines, SMART Communications is registering and running at least fifteen or more mobile prefixes. One of the largest telecom companies in the Philippines, SMART Communications employs more than 6,500 people countrywide. Over 30.53 million active subscribers are purportedly served by the corporation, according to the 2020 SMART Communications report.

How to Purchase SMART Load Online?

For Android and iOS users, download their official APP to get a SMART Communications load online.

How to Check Your SMART Communications Load Balance?

Via Mobile APP

  • Download the official SMART Communications App.
  • Enter your current cell phone number to register or use OTP-based authentication to log in.
  • Once you enter your Ditto account, the app dashboard will show you all the details you need about your active subscription, including the expiration date.

Via Mobile Device

  • On a mobile device, enter *123#.
  • Click the option with the number 4 selected, then click Send.
  • Finally, you will receive an SMS including all the information regarding the expiration date and status of your existing SMART Communications load subscription.

How to call a Smart mobile number?

In the Philippines, dial the 11-digit number beginning with 0951 when making a call. Before making a call or enrolling in Smart Communications’ promotional offers for unlimited calls, make sure your account has enough load balance. When making a call from outside the country or abroad, dial the 10-digit cell phone number +63, leaving out the zero digit.


0951 What network? In conclusion, the 0951 mobile prefix is registered under Smart Communications. Would you like to see every mobile prefix and network associated with it in a single article? We’ve created a useful guide for you. The whole details of other prefixes for the Philippines Mobile Network is available here.

Other Popular prefixes in Philippines

0935 Network

0950 Network

0936 Network


0951 What network Philippines?

In the Philippines, 0951 or 63951 is the mobile network Smart Communications uses.

What network number is 0907?

0907 is an AIRTEL number.

Is 0917 a globe?

Yes, 0917 is a globe number.

What network is 0951?

Smart Communications is the mobile network for 0951.

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